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Thursday, May 16, 2013

10-minute Vegetable Soup

Once upon a time, I spent every other day of my life living solely on dark chocolate and fried shrimp. Oh the horrifying memories.

As is the case with all youngsters who are overly confident with their metabolism, the idea of eating more balanced meals did not occur to me until late 20s, when the consumption of vegetables no longer posed a big challenge. That being said, I still could not find myself liking the taste of certain items such as carrots and onions at first, even if I am fully aware of all the good they bring to one's body.

Solution to my problem? The 10-minute vegetable soup! A bit of sesame oil combined with specialty sauces can do all kinds of wonders to satisfy your tongue, not to mention you are able to consume a larger variety of vegetables this way.

Today's ingredients: fresh leek, chopped carrots, 2 kinds of mushrooms and green onions

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