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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Use Your Milk

Milk is a popular ingredient for dishes I make/would like to try out in the future. However, the amount of milk required in a single-person recipe tends to be quite small, and I don't drink milk as is anymore due to calcium overdose as a child. (Think about having 2-3 liters of milk a day due to orders by grandparents...)

With that said, since milk is typically sold in 1 liter size containers and relatively easy to expire, a milk carton could move straight into garbage category after being used only once or twice in my kitchen, which is a lot of waste. Then I came across a simple recipe on the website of a Japanese farm that teaches how to make tofu using just milk and white vinegar, which I tried right away and voila, problem solved! Milk tofu is now one of my favorite side dishes at dinner, served with home-made sauces of all kinds that makes both my fridge and my tummy very happy.

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